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Frank Sanchez

Frank has acquired in excess of 1,000 single family homes has been involved in over 10,000 real estate transactions throughout his tenure. He manages the acquisition and underwriting process for SDF Capital as well as two investment funds which he co manages. Prior to co-founding SDF Capital, Mr. Sanchez was an owner and Managing Director at one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in Manhattan and was responsible for managing and training over 1,500 sales agents.

Larry Friedman

Larry has been involved in acquiring over $50 million of single-family residential assets. He is responsible for financially structuring property acquisitions. He is a co-founder of SDF Capital, as well as a fund manager for 2 investment funds that he co-manages. Prior to co-founding SDF Capital, Larry was a Principal and co-founder of one of New York City’s largest real estate brokerage companies. He was responsible for building the company from a startup to one with over 500 agents and ranked within the top 10 real estate brokerage firms in NYC.


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