Passive Investing and Wealth Building

SDF Capital is a commercial real estate investment firm focused on creating wealth for its investors through value add strategic improvements and efficient management.

Proprietary multi-channel direct to seller marketing campaign

Analyze Investment Opportunities through strict underwriting and due diligence process

Re-position via capital improvements and efficient operations

Deliver Profits to Our Investors

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Real Estate Investments

Through our Real Estate Investments division, we engage in the purchase, renovation, resale and rental of properties which are either in general distress or fundamentally undervalued.

Real Estate Brokerage

Through our brokerage division, SDF provides brokerage services related to the sale and leasing of investment and residential real estate including single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, and co-ops.

Property Management

SDF manages all of its assets directly. This includes tenant screening, lease renewals, rent collections, bookkeeping, repairs, maintenance, budgeting and code compliance. Our hands on approach enables us to add value to our assets while creating operational efficiencies.

Our Core Values

At SDF Capital, we try to operate consistently within our core values. We sometimes miss the mark, but when we do, we own it and use it as a learning opportunity to grow and do better. These are our core values:

Who we are

We proactively source investment opportunities via our proprietary model of direct to seller marketing. We acquire properties that are either in general distress or fundamentally undervalued. We invest primarily for cash flow. We focus on acquiring properties in multiple areas throughout the United States with a specific focus on New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida



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Interested in Real Estate investing?

Meet The Team

Frank Sanchez


Larry Friedman


Interested in Real Estate investing?

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