SDF Capital Invests In, Repairs, and Sells Multi-Family Properties across the US. Our expertise lies in making the process quick and simple for you.

SDF Capital – Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

Located in the Northeast, and backed by strong industry professionals, SDF Capital invests in Multi-Family Real Estate across the US. Using decades of combined experience, passion, and industry know-how SDF will guide you through our process from beginning to end. We move at a pace you are comfortable with and close when you are ready. Prioritizing your needs during the buying process by sticking to our core values:

  • Own it – Take Accountability
  • Be A Good Human – Act with integrity and honesty.
  • Problem Solve – We overcome obstacles as a team.
  • Be Relentless – Move fast and with purpose.
  • Improvement – The room to better yourself is always there.

If you are ready and we can help – fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our Approach

SDF Capital purchases multi-family properties across the US. Our edge is that we can close very quickly and offer cash. In a market that always evolving, we have found a way to remain consistent with our approach. You contact us, we make an offer with no appraisals, no traditional lender-required repairs, and we charge NO FEES.

If you are wanting to sell a multi-family property quickly, we can likely have an offer in your hands over the next 24 hours. 

What We Do

SDF Capital engages in the purchase, renovation, resale, and rental of properties that are either in general distress or fundamentally undervalued. SDF uses its expertise to acquire, finance, manage and resell properties in diverse geographical areas.

We proactively source investment opportunities through strategic relationships with industry experts, real estate professionals, direct mail, and search engine optimization. We identify those areas with the greatest investment potential and define the regions and strategies likely to offer higher value relative to other sub-segments and areas.

We seek to create value for the communities we invest in as well as for our investors. We combine an entrepreneurial mindset with a disciplined and rigorous approach to investing.

Our team consists of highly skilled real estate specialists including developers, investors, and brokers all of who are considered experts in their field.

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