About Sheldon

Sheldon L. Robinson is a Property/Project Manager and licensed Realtor. His role encompasses overseeing a large portion of acquired rental and sale properties, providing the best service to tenants and resolving issues concerning repairs and payment. Sheldon’s role also includes managing contractors on new and existing projects which involves days in the field scouting progress on initiatives. With a background in Accounting Payroll, and Real Estate, Sheldon is well equipped to strategically budget and advise on the priority areas of home improvement to ensure a quick sale. His professional network, can-do attitude and gregarious personality continues to make him a valuable asset to the team.

Sheldon is a graduate of Fordham University with a BA in Organizational Leadership and resides with his wife and son in Westchester County.

By working together with others throughout the community, we provide outstanding opportunities for our investors as well as renters and buyers, while dramatically improving neighborhoods throughout the process.

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